Image Registration for Remote Sensing

TitleImage Registration for Remote Sensing
Publication TypeBooks
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsLeMoigne J, Netanyahu NS, Eastman RD
Number of Pages515
PublisherCambridge University Press
ISBN Number9781139494373
KeywordsScience / Astronomy, Science / Earth Sciences / General, Technology & Engineering / Environmental / General, Technology & Engineering / Remote Sensing & Geographic Information Systems

Image registration is a digital image processing discipline that studies how to bring two or more digital images into precise alignment for analysis and comparison. Accurate registration algorithms are essential for creating mosaics of satellite images and tracking changes on the planet's surface over time. Bringing together invited contributions from 36 distinguished researchers, the book presents a detailed overview of current research and practice in the application of image registration to remote sensing imagery. Chapters cover the problem definition, theoretical issues in accuracy and efficiency, fundamental algorithms, and real-world case studies of image registration software applied to imagery from operational satellite systems. This book provides a comprehensive and practical overview for Earth and space scientists, presents image processing researchers with a summary of current research, and can be used for specialized graduate courses.