Image and Video-Based Biometrics

TitleImage and Video-Based Biometrics
Publication TypeBook Chapters
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsPatel VM, Pillai JK, Chellappa R
EditorMoeslund TB, Hilton A, Krüger V, Sigal L
Book TitleVisual Analysis of HumansVisual Analysis of Humans
Pagination437 - 454
PublisherSpringer London
ISBN Number978-0-85729-997-0

Biometrics deals with the problem of identifying individuals based on physiological or behavioral characteristics. Since many physical characteristics, such as face, iris, etc., and behavioral characteristics, such as voice, expression, etc., are unique to an individual, biometric analysis offers a reliable and natural solution to the problem of identity verification. In this chapter, we discuss image and video-based biometrics involving face, iris and gait. In particular, we discuss several recent approaches to physiological biometrics based on Sparse Representations and Compressed Sensing. Some of the most compelling challenges and issues that confront research in biometrics are also addressed.