IMACS: a case study in real-world planning

TitleIMACS: a case study in real-world planning
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsGupta SK, Nau DS, Regli WC
JournalIntelligent Systems and their Applications, IEEE
Pagination49 - 60
Date Published1998/06//may
ISBN Number1094-7167
Keywordsautomated designer's aid, CAD/CAM, case study, computer aided analysis, computer aided production planning, design modifications, IMACS, intelligent design assistants, Interactive Manufacturability Analysis and Critiquing System, interactive systems, machined parts evaluation, machining, manufacturability, planning (artificial intelligence), planning systems

This article discusses the complexities of real-world planning and how to create planning systems to address them. IMACS (Interactive Manufacturability Analysis and Critiquing System), an automated designer's aid, evaluates machined parts and suggests design modifications to improve their manufacturability, offering advantages over the planning techniques used in classical planning systems