Identifying Modifiers in Web Queries Over Structured Data

TitleIdentifying Modifiers in Web Queries Over Structured Data
Publication TypePatents
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsPaparizos S, Joshi A S, Getoor L, Ntoulas A
Secondary AuthorsCorporation M
Patent Version Number12/473,286
Date Published2010/12/02/

Described is using modifiers in online search queries for queries that map to a database table. A modifier (e.g., an adjective or a preposition) specifies the intended meaning of a target, in which the target maps to a column in that table. The modifier thus corresponds to one or more functions that determine which rows of data in the column match the query, e.g., “cameras under $400” maps to a camera (or product) table, and “under” is the modifier that represents a function (less than) that is used to evaluate a “price” target/data column. Also described are different classes of modifiers, and generating the dictionaries for a domain (corresponding to a table) via query log mining.