High-Fidelity Data Embedding for Image Annotation

TitleHigh-Fidelity Data Embedding for Image Annotation
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsHe S, Kirovski D, M. Wu
JournalImage Processing, IEEE Transactions on
Pagination429 - 435
Date Published2009/02//
ISBN Number1057-7149
KeywordsAutomated;Product Labeling;Reproducibility of Results;Sensitivity and Specificity;Signal Processing, Computer-Assisted;, Computer-Assisted;Information Storage and Retrieval;Pattern Recognition, JPEG compression;JPEG cropping;arbitrary imagery;data hiding;high-fidelity data embedding;image annotation;image watermarking;medical images;photographic images;data compression;image coding;watermarking;Algorithms;Computer Graphics;Documentation;Image En

High fidelity is a demanding requirement for data hiding, especially for images with artistic or medical value. This correspondence proposes a high-fidelity image watermarking for annotation with robustness to moderate distortion. To achieve the high fidelity of the embedded image, we introduce a visual perception model that aims at quantifying the local tolerance to noise for arbitrary imagery. Based on this model, we embed two kinds of watermarks: a pilot watermark that indicates the existence of the watermark and an information watermark that conveys a payload of several dozen bits. The objective is to embed 32 bits of metadata into a single image in such a way that it is robust to JPEG compression and cropping. We demonstrate the effectiveness of the visual model and the application of the proposed annotation technology using a database of challenging photographic and medical images that contain a large amount of smooth regions.