Further Gait Developments

TitleFurther Gait Developments
Publication TypeBook Chapters
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsNixon MS, Tan T, Chellappa R
Book TitleHuman Identification Based on GaitHuman Identification Based on Gait
Pagination135 - 149

Human gait characteristics are best analyzed when presented in its canonical view (side view). The dynamics behind an individual’s gait, the quasi-periodicity of an individual’s gait etc. which contribute significantly towards establishing his/her identity are more evident when the canonical view of human gait is presented. Thus, the availability of such a canonical view is crucial to the success of many gait recognition systems. We observe that in surveillance applications a non-canonical view of an individual’s gait is captured more often and this necessitates developing gait recognition algorithms that are view invariant. When individuals walk at an angle oblique to the camera, the performance of gait recognition systems suffers due to the gradual change in the individual’s height and stride length as captured by the camera.