A framework for modeling appearance change in image sequences

TitleA framework for modeling appearance change in image sequences
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsBlack MJ, Fleet DJ, Yacoob Y
Conference NameComputer Vision, 1998. Sixth International Conference on
Date Published1998/01//
Keywordsappearance change, camera motion, complex occlusion events, generic photometric events, iconic changes, illumination, image motion, Image sequences, Motion estimation, optical flow

Image ldquo;appearance rdquo; may change over time due to a variety of causes such as: 1) object or camera motion; 2) generic photometric events including variations in illumination (e.g. shadows) and specular reflections; and 3) ldquo;iconic changes rdquo; which are specific to the objects being viewed and include complex occlusion events and changes in the material properties of the objects. We propose a general framework for representing and recovering these ldquo;appearance changes rdquo; in an image sequence as a ldquo;mixture rdquo; of different causes. The approach generalizes previous work on optical flow to provide a richer description of image events and more reliable estimates of image motion