Finding the maximal cutter for 2-D milling operations

TitleFinding the maximal cutter for 2-D milling operations
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsYao Z, Gupta SK, Nau DS
Date Published2000///

In this paper, we describe a new geometricalgorithm to determine the biggest feasible cutter size for 2-D
milling operations to be performed using a single cutter. In

We give a general definition of the problem as the task of
covering a target region without interfering with an
obstruction region. This definition encompasses the task
of milling a general 2-D profile that includes both open
and closed edges.

We discuss three alternative definitions of what it means
for a cutter to be feasible, and explain which of these
definitions is most appropriate for the above problem.

We present a geometric algorithm for finding the maximal
cutter for 2-D milling operations, and we give an outline
of a proof that our algorithm is correct.