Face Tracking and Recognition in Video

TitleFace Tracking and Recognition in Video
Publication TypeBook Chapters
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsChellappa R, Du M, Turaga P, Zhou S K
EditorLi SZ, Jain AK
Book TitleHandbook of Face RecognitionHandbook of Face Recognition
Pagination323 - 351
PublisherSpringer London
ISBN Number978-0-85729-932-1

In this chapter, we describe the utility of videos in enhancing performance of image-based recognition tasks. We discuss a joint tracking-recognition framework that allows for using the motion information in a video to better localize and identify the person in the video using still galleries. We discuss how to jointly capture facial appearance and dynamics to obtain a parametric representation for video-to-video recognition. We discuss recognition in multi-camera networks where the probe and gallery both consist of multi-camera videos. Concluding remarks and directions for future research are provided.