Experiments to understand HPC time to development

TitleExperiments to understand HPC time to development
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsHochstein L, Nakamura T, Basili VR, Asgari S, Zelkowitz MV, Hollingsworth J, Shull F, Carver J, Voelp M, Zazworka N, Johnson P
JournalCTWatch Quarterly
Date Published2006///
Keywordshackystat, HPC, publications-journals

In order to understand how high performance computing (HPC) programs are developed, a series of experiments, using students in graduate level HPC classes, have been conducted at many universities in the US. In this paper we discuss the general process of conducting those experiments, give some of the early results of those experiments, and describe a web-based process we are developing that will allow us to run additional experiments at other universities and laboratories that will be easier to conduct and generate results that more accurately reflect the process of building HPC programs.