The empirical investigation of Perspective-Based Reading

TitleThe empirical investigation of Perspective-Based Reading
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsBasili VR, Green S, Laitenberger O, Lanubile F, Shull F, Sørumgård S, Zelkowitz MV
JournalEmpirical Software Engineering
Pagination133 - 164
Date Published1996///
ISBN Number1382-3256
KeywordsComputer, Science

We consider reading techniques a fundamental means of achieving high quality software. Due to the lack of research in this area, we are experimenting with the application and comparison of various reading techniques. This paper deals with our experiences with a family of reading techniques known as Perspective-Based Reading (PBR), and its application to requirements documents. The goal of PBR is to provide operational scenarios where members of a review team read a document from a particular perspective, e.g., tester, developer, user. Our assumption is that the combination of different perspectives provides better coverage of the document, i.e., uncovers a wider range of defects, than the same number of readers using their usual technique.