Eight lessons learned during COTS-based systems maintenance

TitleEight lessons learned during COTS-based systems maintenance
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsReifer DJ, Basili VR, Boehm BW, Clark B
JournalSoftware, IEEE
Pagination94 - 96
Date Published2003/10//sept
ISBN Number0740-7459
KeywordsCOTS, COTS-based, cycle, life, lifecycle, Maintenance, maintenance;, object-oriented, packages;, phase;, processes;, programming;, reusability;, software, systems

To make better decisions relative to CBSs, we need empirical knowledge. To gain this knowledge, we must more fully understand the lifecycle processes people use when harnessing COTS packages. The initial findings reported here are but the first step in our attempts to capture this empirical knowledge. We plan to continue collecting data and investigating the phenomenology of COTS-based systems.