An Efficient and Robust Algorithm for Shape Indexing and Retrieval

TitleAn Efficient and Robust Algorithm for Shape Indexing and Retrieval
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsBiswas S, Aggarwal G, Chellappa R
JournalMultimedia, IEEE Transactions on
Pagination372 - 385
Date Published2010/08//
ISBN Number1520-9210
Keywordsactivity, algorithm;shape, classification;human, databases;robust, estimation;large, indexing;shape, MATCHING, matching;image, methods;shape, pose, recognition;, retrieval;image, retrieval;indexing;shape

Many shape matching methods are either fast but too simplistic to give the desired performance or promising as far as performance is concerned but computationally demanding. In this paper, we present a very simple and efficient approach that not only performs almost as good as many state-of-the-art techniques but also scales up to large databases. In the proposed approach, each shape is indexed based on a variety of simple and easily computable features which are invariant to articulations, rigid transformations, etc. The features characterize pairwise geometric relationships between interest points on the shape. The fact that each shape is represented using a number of distributed features instead of a single global feature that captures the shape in its entirety provides robustness to the approach. Shapes in the database are ordered according to their similarity with the query shape and similar shapes are retrieved using an efficient scheme which does not involve costly operations like shape-wise alignment or establishing correspondences. Depending on the application, the approach can be used directly for matching or as a first step for obtaining a short list of candidate shapes for more rigorous matching. We show that the features proposed to perform shape indexing can be used to perform the rigorous matching as well, to further improve the retrieval performance.