Efficient Algorithms for Atmospheric Correction of Remotely Sensed Data

TitleEfficient Algorithms for Atmospheric Correction of Remotely Sensed Data
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsFallah-Adl H, JaJa JF, Liang S, Kaufman YJ, Townshend J
Conference NameSupercomputing, 1995. Proceedings of the IEEE/ACM SC95 Conference
Date Published1995///
KeywordsAtmospheric, AVHRR;, computing;, correction;, high, I/O;, Parallel, performance, processing;, remote, scalable, sensing;, TM;

Remotely sensed imagery has been used for developing and validating various studies regarding land cover dynamics. However, the large amounts of imagery collected by the satellites are largely contaminated by the effects of atmospheric particles. The objective of atmospheric correction is to retrieve the surface reflectance from remotely sensed imagery by removing the atmospheric effects. We introduce a number of computational techniques that lead to a substantial speedup of an atmospheric correction algorithm based on using look-up tables. Excluding I/O time, the previous known implementation processes one pixel at a time and requires about 2.63 seconds per pixel on a SPARC-10 machine, while our implementation is based on processing the whole image and takes about 4-20 microseconds per pixel on the same machine. We also develop a parallel version of our algorithm that is scalable in terms of both computation and I/O. Experimental results obtained show that a Thematic Mapper (TM) image (36 MB per band, 5 bands need to be corrected) can be handled in less than 4.3 minutes on a 32-node CM-5 machine, including I/O time.