DTP: An Efficient Transport Protocol

TitleDTP: An Efficient Transport Protocol
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication1991
AuthorsSanghi D, Agrawala AK
Conference NameIn Proceedings of the IFIP TC6 Working Conference on ComACM Computing Surveys
Date Published1991///

We recently introduced a new flow control scheme, called send-time control, which is based on a deterministic model of virtual circuits in a computer network. In this scheme, the time at which a packet is sent by a source is computed from estimates of round-trip time, traffic in the network and bottleneck service time. In this paper, we describe a new transport protocol, called DTP, which uses send-time control as its flow control scheme. Preliminary measurements of coast-to-coast connections over the Internet show significant performance improvement over TCP, which is the most commonly used transport protocol in the Internet today. Keyword Codes: C.2.2 Keywords: Computer-Communication Networks, Network Protocols 1. Introduction Flow control is one of the most important function at the transport layer of the protocol hierarchy. The function of flow control schemes is to regulate the traffic entering into the network in order to avoid overloading of network resources, thus preventing c...