Domain name based visualization of Web histories in a zoomable user interface

TitleDomain name based visualization of Web histories in a zoomable user interface
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsGandhi R, Kumar G, Bederson BB, Shneiderman B
Conference Name11th International Workshop on Database and Expert Systems Applications, 2000. Proceedings
Date Published2000///
ISBN Number0-7695-0680-1
KeywordsComputer science, data visualisation, domain name, domain name based visualization, Domain Tree Browser, Educational institutions, History, hypermedia, hypertext links, hypertext systems, information resources, Navigation, online front-ends, thumbnails, Tree graphs, tree structured visual navigation history, Uniform resource locators, URLs, User interfaces, Visualization, Web browser companion, Web histories, Web pages, World Wide Web, zoomable user interface, zoomable window

Users of hypertext systems like the World Wide Web (WWW) often find themselves following hypertext links deeper and deeper, only to find themselves “lost” and unable to find their way back to the previously visited pages. We have implemented a Web browser companion called Domain Tree Browser (DTB) that builds a tree structured visual navigation history while browsing the Web. The Domain Tree Browser organizes the URLs visited based on the domain name of each URL and shows thumbnails of each page in a zoomable window