Document Image Mosaicing with Mobile Phones

TitleDocument Image Mosaicing with Mobile Phones
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsHannuksela J, Sangi P, Heikkila J, Liu X, Doermann D
Conference NameInternational Conference on Image Analysis and Processing (ICIAP'07)
Date Published2007/09//

This paper presents a novel user interaction oncept for document image scanning with mobile phones. A high resolution mosaic image is constructed in two main stages. Firstly, online camera motion estimation is applied on the phone to assist the user to capture small image batches of the document page. Automatic image stitching process with a help of estimated device motion is carried out to reconstruct the full view of the document. Experiments on document images captured and processed with the mosaicing software clearly show the feasibility of the approach.