Discrete Distortion in Triangulated 3‐Manifolds

TitleDiscrete Distortion in Triangulated 3‐Manifolds
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsMesmoudi M M, De Floriani L, Port U
JournalComputer Graphics Forum
Pagination1333 - 1340
Date Published2008/09/29/
ISBN Number1467-8659
KeywordsI.3.3 [Computer Graphics], I.3.5 [Computational Geometry and Object Modeling]

We introduce a novel notion, that we call discrete distortion, for a triangulated 3-manifold. Discrete distortion naturally generalizes the notion of concentrated curvature defined for triangulated surfaces and provides a powerful tool to understand the local geometry and topology of 3-manifolds. Discrete distortion can be viewed as a discrete approach to Ricci curvature for singular flat manifolds. We distinguish between two kinds of distortion, namely, vertex distortion, which is associated with the vertices of the tetrahedral mesh decomposing the 3-manifold, and bond distortion, which is associated with the edges of the tetrahedral mesh. We investigate properties of vertex and bond distortions. As an example, we visualize vertex distortion on manifold hypersurfaces in R4 defined by a scalar field on a 3D mesh. distance fields.