Digital Signatures

TitleDigital Signatures
Publication TypeBooks
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsYung M, Katz J
Number of Pages192
ISBN Number9780387277110
KeywordsComputers / Computer Science, Computers / Hardware / General, Computers / Information Theory, Computers / Networking / Hardware, Computers / Security / General, Technology & Engineering / Telecommunications

Digital Signatures is the first comprehensive account of the theoretical principles and techniques used in the design of provably secure signature schemes. In addition to providing the reader with a better understanding of the security guarantees provided by digital signatures, the book also contains full descriptions and detailed proofs for essentially all known secure signature schemes in the cryptographic literature. A valuable reference for students, professors, and researchers, Digital Signature Schemes can be used for self-study, as a supplement to a course on theoretical cryptography, or as a textbook in a graduate-level seminar.