Context-Aware Query Recommendations

TitleContext-Aware Query Recommendations
Publication TypePatents
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsNtoulas A, Hwang H, Getoor L, Paparizos S, Lauw H W
Secondary AuthorsCorporation M
Patent Version Number12/408,726
Date Published2010/09/23/

Described is a search-related technology in which context information regarding a user's prior search actions is used in making query recommendations for a current user action, such as a query or click. To determine whether each set or subset of context information is relevant to the user action, data obtained from a query log is evaluated. More particularly, a query transition (query-query) graph and a query click (query-URL) graph are extracted from the query log; vectors are computed for the current action and each context/sub-context and evaluated against vectors in the graphs to determine current action-to-context similarity. Also described is using similar context to provide the query recommendations, using parameters to control the similarity strictness, and/or whether more recent context information is more relevant than less recent context information, and using context information to distinguish between user sessions.