Content-based search techniques for searching CAD databases

TitleContent-based search techniques for searching CAD databases
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsGupta SK, Cardone A, Deshmukh A
Conference NameCAD Conference
Date Published2006///

The popularity of 3D CAD systems is resulting in large assembly and part databases being createdby product development organizations. Over the last few years several content-based techniques
have emerged to search these databases. Ability to perform content-based searches on CAD
databases is expected to help the designers and manufacturing engineers in many different ways.
Representative examples include part-family formation, redesign suggestion generation, supplier
selection, cost estimation, tooling design, machine selection, stock selection, and design reuse. This
paper covers the following three topics. First, it presents an overview of different types of part
search techniques. Second, it presents an overview of the different aspects of assembly search
techniques. Finally, it identifies the open challenges in these areas and outlines future research