Computing 3-D head orientation from a monocular image sequence

TitleComputing 3-D head orientation from a monocular image sequence
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsHorprasert T, Yacoob Y, Davis LS
Conference NameAutomatic Face and Gesture Recognition, 1996., Proceedings of the Second International Conference on
Date Published1996/10//
Keywords3D head orientation computation, anthropometric statistics, camera plane, coarse structure, eye, eye boundary, eye corners, face features, face recognition, Feature extraction, head pitch, head roll, head yaw, Image sequences, image-based parameterized tracking, monocular image sequence, projective cross-ratio invariance, sub-pixel parameterized shape estimation, tracking

An approach for estimating 3D head orientation in a monocular image sequence is proposed. The approach employs recently developed image-based parameterized tracking for face and face features to locate the area in which a sub-pixel parameterized shape estimation of the eye's boundary is performed. This involves tracking of five points (four at the eye corners and the fifth is the lip of the nose). The authors describe an approach that relies on the coarse structure of the face to compute orientation relative to the camera plane. Our approach employs projective invariance of the cross-ratios of the eye corners and anthropometric statistics to estimate the head yaw, roll and pitch. Analytical and experimental results are reported