Computer based systems engineering workshop

TitleComputer based systems engineering workshop
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication1991
AuthorsLavi J, Agrawala AK, Buhr R, Jackson K, Jackson M, Lang B
JournalSoftware Engineering Education
Pagination149 - 163
Date Published1991///

Modern computer based systems are complex multi-systems consisting of many connected individual subsystems; each one of them is typically also a multicomputer system. The subsystems in a multi-system can be either geographically distributed or locally connected systems. Typical examples of computer based systems are medical systems, process control systems, communications systems, weapon systems and large information systems.The development of these complex systems requires the establishment of a new engineering discipline in its own right, Computer Based Systems Engineering — CBSE. The definition of the discipline, its current and future practice and the ways to establish and promote it were discussed in an international IEEE workshop held in Neve-Ilan, Israel in May 1990.
The major conclusion of the workshop was that CBSE should be established as a new field in its own right. To achieve this goal, the workshop participants recommended that the IEEE Computer Society shall set up a task force for the promotion of the field, the establishment of CBSE Institutes and the development of the educational framework of CBSE. The paper describes the major findings of the workshop that led to these conclusions and recommendations.