Comparing images under variable illumination

TitleComparing images under variable illumination
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsJacobs DW, Belhumeur PN, Basri R
Conference NameComputer Vision and Pattern Recognition, 1998. Proceedings. 1998 IEEE Computer Society Conference on
Date Published1998/06//
Keywordsconditions;matching, illumination;visual, images;point, Lambertian, matching;object, model;database;lighting, object, recognition;, recognition;image, reflectance, sources;pose;variable

We consider the problem of determining whether two images come from different objects or the same object in the same pose, but under different illumination conditions. We show that this problem cannot be solved using hard constraints: even using a Lambertian reflectance model, there is always an object and a pair of lighting conditions consistent with any two images. Nevertheless, we show that for point sources and objects with Lambertian reflectance, the ratio of two images from the same object is simpler than the ratio of images from different objects. We also show that the ratio of the two images provides two of the three distinct values in the Hessian matrix of the object's surface. Using these observations, we develop a simple measure for matching images under variable illumination, comparing its performance to other existing methods on a database of 450 images of 10 individuals