Collusion-Resistant Dynamic Fingerprinting for Multimedia

TitleCollusion-Resistant Dynamic Fingerprinting for Multimedia
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsHe S, M. Wu
Conference NameAcoustics, Speech and Signal Processing, 2007. ICASSP 2007. IEEE International Conference on
Date Published2007/04//
Keywordsbased, collusion-resistant, communication;security, data;, dimension;traitor, dynamic, fingerprinting;multiple, multimedia, of, piracy;subscription, program, redistribution;multimedia, services;temporal, tracing;unauthorized

This paper considers protecting multimedia content from unauthorized redistribution in subscription based services, where adversaries work together to pirate multiple multimedia programs during a subscription period. Collusion-resistant fingerprinting is an emerging tool for traitor tracing. However, most of the existing fingerprinting works did not consider multiple rounds of interaction between collusion and detection. In this paper, we exploit the temporal dimension and propose a dynamic fingerprinting scheme that adjusts the fingerprint design based on the detection result of previously pirated signal. We also examine colluders' strategies to combat the tracing by dynamic fingerprinting. Both analytical and simulation results show that the proposed dynamic fingerprinting provides better collusion resistance than conventional static fingerprinting