A bootstrapping model for directional wireless networks

TitleA bootstrapping model for directional wireless networks
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsMilner S, Llorca J, Anibha A, Vishkin U
JournalCommunications Letters, IEEE
Pagination840 - 842
Date Published2006/12//
ISBN Number1089-7798
Keywords(mathematics);, algorithm;resource, algorithm;spanning, bootstrapping, bottom-up, discovery, model;directional, network;distributed, networks;trees, protocols;protocols;radio, tree;synchronization, wireless

Initially configuring or bootstrapping a connected topology in directional wireless networks is a challenging problem, especially when nodes only have local connectivity information and a limited number of transceivers. This paper presents a scalable bootstrapping model which integrates: 1) a distributed bottom-up algorithm that constructs a spanning tree with degree at most one larger than the optimal 2) a resource discovery algorithm for efficient dissemination of local connectivity information, and 3) synchronization protocols to guarantee the efficient emergence of overall network connectivity from local interactions. We investigate the feasibility and scalability of the proposed model. Results are presented for different network systems, with varying size and signaling data rates.