Automated generation of an efficient MPEG-4 Reconfigurable Video Coding decoder implementation

TitleAutomated generation of an efficient MPEG-4 Reconfigurable Video Coding decoder implementation
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsGu R, Piat J, Raulet M, Janneck JW, Bhattacharyya SS
Conference Name2010 Conference on Design and Architectures for Signal and Image Processing (DASIP)
Date Published2010
Keywordsautomated generation, automatic design flow, CAL language, CAL networks, CAL-to-C translation, CAL2C translation, coarse-grain dataflow representations, Computational modeling, data flow computing, dataflow information, Dataflow programming, decoding, Digital signal processing, Libraries, MPEG-4 reconfigurable video coding decoder implementation, parallel languages, SDF detection, synchronous dataflow detection, TDP, TDP-based static scheduling, The Dataflow interchange format Package, Transform coding, user-friendly design, video coding, video processing systems, XML, XML format

This paper proposes an automatic design flow from user-friendly design to efficient implementation of video processing systems. This design flow starts with the use of coarse-grain dataflow representations based on the CAL language, which is a complete language for dataflow programming of embedded systems. Our approach integrates previously developed techniques for detecting synchronous dataflow (SDF) regions within larger CAL networks, and exploiting the static structure of such regions using analysis tools in The Dataflow interchange format Package (TDP). Using a new XML format that we have developed to exchange dataflow information between different dataflow tools, we explore systematic implementation of signal processing systems using CAL, SDF-like region detection, TDP-based static scheduling, and CAL-to-C (CAL2C) translation. Our approach, which is a novel integration of three complementary dataflow tools - the CAL parser, TDP, and CAL2C - is demonstrated on an MPEG Reconfigurable Video Coding (RVC) decoder.