Automated cluster-based Web service performance tuning

TitleAutomated cluster-based Web service performance tuning
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsChung I-H, Hollingsworth J
Conference Name13th IEEE International Symposium on High performance Distributed Computing, 2004. Proceedings
Date Published2004/06/04/6
ISBN Number0-7695-2175-4
KeywordsActive Harmony system, automated performance tuning, business, cluster-based Web service system, Clustering algorithms, Computer science, Educational institutions, electronic commerce, Internet, Middleware, performance evaluation, scalability, Throughput, Transaction databases, Web server, Web services, workstation clusters

Active harmony provides a way to automate performance tuning. We apply the Active Harmony system to improve the performance of a cluster-based web service system. The performance improvement cannot easily be achieved by tuning individual components for such a system. The experimental results show that there is no single configuration for the system that performs well for all kinds of workloads. By tuning the parameters, Active Harmony helps the system adapt to different workloads and improve the performance up to 16%. For scalability, we demonstrate how to reduce the time when tuning a large system with many tunable parameters. Finally an algorithm is proposed to automatically adjust the structure of cluster-based web systems, and the system throughput is improved up to 70% using this technique.