Artificial Intelligence: Theory and Practice

TitleArtificial Intelligence: Theory and Practice
Publication TypeBooks
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsDean TL, ALLEN JAMES AUTOR, Aloimonos Y
Number of Pages604
PublisherBenjamin/Cummings Pub.
ISBN Number9780805325478
KeywordsComputers / Expert Systems, Computers / Intelligence (AI) & Semantics

This book provides a detailed understanding of the broad issues in artificial intelligence and a useful survey of current AI technology. The author delivers broad coverage of innovative representational techniques, including neural networks, image processing, and probabilistic reasoning, alongside the traditional methods of symbolic reasoning. AI algorithms are described in detailed prose in the text and fully implemented in LISP at the ends of chapters. A stand-alone LISP chapter makes an excellent reference and refresher. Each chapter includes a detailed description of an AI application.