Applications of SHOP and SHOP2

TitleApplications of SHOP and SHOP2
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsNau DS, Au T-C, Ilghami O, Kuter U, Wu D, Yaman F, Munoz-Avila H, Murdock JW
JournalIntelligent Systems, IEEE
Pagination34 - 41
Date Published2005/04//march
ISBN Number1541-1672
Keywordsautomated planning, hierarchical task network planning, ordered task decomposition, planning (artificial intelligence), problem solving, search-control strategy, simple hierarchical ordered planner, trees (mathematics), uncertainty handling

We design the simple hierarchical ordered planner (SHOP) and its successor, SHOP2, with two goals in mind: to investigate research issues in automated planning and to provide some simple, practical planning tools. SHOP and SHOP2 are based on a planning formalism called hierarchical task network planning. SHOP and SHOP2 use a search-control strategy called ordered task decomposition, which breaks tasks into subtasks and generates the plan's actions in the same order that the plan executor executes them. So, throughout the planning process, the planner can tell what the state of the world at each step of the plan.