Analyzing Social Media Networks with NodeXL

TitleAnalyzing Social Media Networks with NodeXL
Publication TypeBooks
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsHansen D, Shneiderman B, Smith MA
PublisherMorgan Kaufmann
ISBN Number9780123822291
KeywordsBusiness & Economics / Marketing / Research, Computers / Computer Science, Computers / Data Processing, Computers / Database Management / Data Mining, Computers / General, Computers / Information Theory, Computers / Interactive & Multimedia, Computers / Social Aspects / General, Computers / Social Aspects / Human-Computer Interaction, Computers / User Interfaces, data mining, Data mining - Computer programs, Data mining/ Computer programs, Information Visualization, Information visualization - Computer programs, Information visualization/ Computer programs, NodeXL, online social networks, Social Science / General, Social Science / Reference, Social Science / Sociology / General, Technology & Engineering / General, Technology & Engineering / Social Aspects, Webometrics, Webometrics - Computer programs, Webometrics/ Computer programs

"Analyzing Social Media Networks with NodeXL provides a much needed resource for the social media research community, as it describes network theory, provides compelling examples using data sources like Twitter and Flickr, and highlights how to use a free sophisticated tool for analysis. This is the perfect book for anyone trying to analyze the behavior of online social networks and beyond." ---Adam Perer, Research Scientist, IBM Research "This book provides a basic introduction to social network analysis, followed by practical instruction and examples on gathering data from online sources, importing into Excel, and then analyzing the data through Excel. The book will be important for promoting research in the area for those in information science, sociology, cultural studies, virtual community, and e-commerce."---Caroline Haythornthwaite, PhD, Professor, Graduate School of Library and Information Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Businesses, entrepreneurs, individuals, and government agencies alike are looking to social network analysis (SNA) tools for insight into trends, connections, and fluctuations in social media. Microsoft's NodeXL is a free, open-source SNA plug-in for use with Excel. It provides instant graphical representation of relationships of complex networked data. But it goes further than other SNA tools - NodeXL was developed by a multidisciplinary team of experts that bring together information studies, computer science, sociology, human-computer interaction, and over 20 years of visual analytic theory and information visualization into a simple tool anyone can use. This makes NodeXL of interest not only to end-users but also to researchers and students studying visual and network analytics and their application in the real world.