3D face modeling from monocular video sequences

Title3D face modeling from monocular video sequences
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsRoy-Chowdhury A, Chellappa R, Gupta R
JournalFace Processing: Advanced Modeling and Methods
Date Published2005///

In this chapter we present two algorithms for 3D face modeling from a monocular video sequence. The firstmethod is based on Structure from Motion (SfM), while the second one relies on contour adaptation over time.
The SfM based method incorporates statistical measures of quality of the 3D estimate into the reconstruction
algorithm. The initial multi-frame SfM estimate is smoothed using a generic face model in an energy function
minimization framework. Such a strategy avoids excessively biasing the final 3D estimate towards the generic
model. The second method relies on matching a generic 3D face model to the outer contours of a face in the
input video sequence, and integrating this strategy over all the frames in the sequence. It consists of an
edge-based head pose estimation step, followed by global and local deformations of the generic face model
in order to adapt it to the actual 3D face. This contour adaptation approach is able to separate the geometric
subtleties of the human head from the variations in shading and texture, and it does not rely on finding
accurate point correspondences across frames. Detailed experimental evaluation of both the methods along
with reconstructed 3D models is presented.