2D images of 3-D oriented points

Title2D images of 3-D oriented points
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication1993
AuthorsJacobs DW
Conference NameComputer Vision and Pattern Recognition, 1993. Proceedings CVPR '93., 1993 IEEE Computer Society Conference on
Date Published1993/06//
Keywords2D, 3-D, database, derivation;, image, images;, indexing;, linear, model, nonrigid, oriented, points;, processing;, recovery;, structure-form-motion, structure-from-motion, transformation;

A number of vision problems have been shown to become simpler when one models projection from 3-D to 2-D as a nonrigid linear transformation. These results have been largely restricted to models and scenes that consist only of 3-D points. It is shown that, with this projection model, several vision tasks become fundamentally more complex in the somewhat more complicated domain of oriented points. More space is required for indexing models in a database, more images are required to derive structure from motion, and new views of an object cannot be synthesized linearly from old views