Associate Research Scientist

This rank is generally parallel to Associate Professor. In addition to having the qualifications required of the Assistant Research Scientist, appointees shall have significant scientific research accomplishments, show promise of continued productivity, and have the ability to propose, develop, and manage research projects. Appointments to this rank are typically one to five years and are renewable.

To complete the Appointment, Evaluation and Promotion (AEP) process for an Associate Research Scientist, gather the required documents listed below and email them to UMIACS Coordinator Elizabeth Hontz.

*Each document needs to be signed and dated by the candidate for validity.

  • CV*
  • General List of Duties and Responsibilities*
  • UMIACS Professional-Track Faculty Policy*
  • Professional Statement*
    • This should cover your professional activities, administrative and/or managerial responsibilities, productivity, creativity, and professional development. Accomplished research and directions for future research should also be included, if applicable.
  • References
    • The candidate shall provide three references who will be contacted to submit a letter of recommendation. The committee will choose three additional references to provide letters. Of the six references, at least three must be external to the University.