News & Announcements

Goldstein Named Interim Director of UMD Center for Machine Learning

Aug 02, 2022 - Goldstein will oversee a dozen faculty and numerous graduate students collaborating on the latest technologies and theoretical applications based in machine learning.

Hicks Honored with ACM SIGPLAN Distinguished Service Award

Jul 27, 2022 - The award recognizes exemplary service and commitment to multiple ACM programming languages activities that include conferences, workshops and publications.

Hanan Samet Receives Solid Modeling Association Bézier Award

Jul 25, 2022 - The award—the highest honor given by the SMA—recognizes stellar contributions of a technical and leadership nature made to solid, geometric or physical modeling and its applications.

REU Summer Interns Tackle Big Problems in Bioinformatics

Jul 22, 2022 - The 10 undergraduate students are part of an internship funded by the National Science Foundation and run by faculty in the Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology.

Cummings Reappointed as Director of CBCB

Jul 21, 2022 - He will continue to lead the highly successful multidisciplinary center, which is ranked fourth in the nation for bioinformatics and computational biology.

Machine Learning Experts Presenting Multiple Papers and Workshops at ICML

Jul 20, 2022 - The UMD researchers—a mix of faculty, postdocs and students—are presenting 18 papers and are featured in 18 workshops.

Zapf Keeps the Money Moving at UMIACS

Jul 14, 2022 - As the director of finance, Zapf is vital to the operations at UMIACS—a multidisciplinary institute that uses innovative computing techniques and infrastructure to address pressing scientific and societal challenges in national defense, precision medicine, big data, cybersecurity, language, and more.

UMD Team Wins Award for Designing a Navigation Sensor for Mini Robots

Jul 11, 2022 - They were recently recognized for their innovative work in developing a low-powered acoustic sensing system for miniature robots.

CLIP Lab Presents a Plethora of Papers and Workshops on Human-Centered NLP

Jul 11, 2022 - The Annual Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics is a top-tier conference for natural language processing.

MC2 Researchers Design First Comprehensive Framework for At-Risk Users

Jul 08, 2022 - A new paper by researchers from the Maryland Cybersecurity Center and Google presents the first comprehensive framework that can be used to reason about at-risk users’ needs during the technology creation process.