Important Dates:
September 27-28, 2006

Submission Deadlines :
Extended Abstract: June 18, 2006
Final Version: August 31, 2006
Presentation/Demos: August 31, 2006


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SACH06 Chairs:
David Doermann (USA)
Stefan Jaeger (USA


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Contact Information:

C/O Denise Best
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742

Fax: (301) 314-2644
Phone: (301) 405-6444

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Call for Participation:

The University of Maryland, along with Government sponsors invite leading researchers from industry and academia, as well as all government agencies involved in Arabic and Chinese Handwriting Recognition to a two-day Summit on Arabic and Chinese Handwriting Recognition (SACH'06). This event is intended as a focused complement to the bi-annual Symposium on Document Image Understanding Technology (SDIUT) meetings.

The Summit will be held at the University Maryland, Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center, College Park, Maryland, on September 27-28, 2006. SACH'06 is sponsored in part by federal agencies funding document research and will serve as an overview of the state-of-the-art in handwriting recognition, highlighting Arabic and Chinese handwriting recognition. The Summit will offer a forum for interaction with prominent researchers at the forefront of scientific research into handwriting recognition, with a special focus on Arabic and Chinese scripts, which have become increasingly important during recent years. In particular, SACH'06 will feature presentations by many of the world's leading researchers. Funding agencies will describe present and future programs for handwriting recognition, and principal investigators will report on current efforts in the field.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

•  Handwritten OCR

•  Language Identification

•  Handwriting Models

•  Feature Extraction

•  Preprocessing and Segmentation

•  Databases

•  Linguistic Processing

•  Information Retrieval

•  Biometric Applications

•  Commercial Systems

Who should participate in SACH'06?

Government Agencies and Representatives: We invite government representatives to present a description of their handwriting recognition needs and their ongoing or planned projects. SACH'06 will offer plenty of opportunity to interact with industrial and academic experts in this field. A supplemented registration fee is being offered for ALL federal government employees (not contractors).

Companies: SACH'06 provides a unique opportunity to interact with government researchers and demonstrate capabilities in research and development or engineered solutions. SACH'06 will offer industrial research groups and development teams the chance to display their results and products during a demonstration and poster session.