STOC 2009

Share a Room

If you are seeking to share a room at the Hyatt Regency Bethesda, please send email to the conference organizing committee at Include in your message (1) your name, (2) gender, (3) your contact email address, (4) dates of arrival and departure, and (5) any additional information you deem relevant. We will post all such requests here. It is up to the individuals involved to make contact and arrangements.

Seeking a Roommate:

  • Steve Uurtamo (email: uurtamo at Gender: Male. My roomate and I are happy to give floorspace up to anyone who needs a room. We're at the Hyatt from Friday through Tuesday morning.
  • V. Anuradha (email: avenugop at Gender: Female. Arrival: Sat, May 30; Departure: Tue, June 2.
  • Imdadullah Khan (email: imdadk at Gender: Male. Arrival: Fri, May 29; Departure: Tue, June 02.

No Longer Looking:

  • Ravi Montenegro (email: ravi_montenegro at Gender: Male. Arrival: Sat, May 30; Departure: Tue, June 2.
  • Andrew Wan (email: atw12 at Gender: Male. Arrival: Sat, May 30; Departure: Tue, June 2.
  • Aaron Bernstein (email: bernstei at Looking to share a room from May 30-June 2. I am male but am fine rooming with either gender.
  • Petar Maymounkov (email: petar at Gender: Male (can room with either gender). Arrival: (May 28-30) flexible; Departure: June 2.
  • Warren Schudy (email: ws at Gender: Male. Arrival: May 30; Departure: June 2. Non-smoker seeking same.

Note: When contacting the hotel, be sure to specify the type and number of beds in the room. If you are successful in finding a roommate, please let us know so we can remove the posting.

Disclaimer: The conference organizers offer this posting service in the hope that it may help people save money on hotel expenses. We will not be involved in the process of pairing people with roommates. The conference organizers and the conference sponsors assume no liability for problems that may arise. It is the responsibility of the individuals involved to make contact, make room reservations, pay for the room, and deal with any problems that may arise (such as the unsuitability of a roommate, problems with the room, or failure of either party to pay).

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