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Apr 07, 2021 - The three-day workshop aimed specifically toward Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) will bring together about 50 students from across the U.S. who will engage in meaningful computing research with UMD faculty and graduate students.
Apr 06, 2021 - Nai-Hui Chia says that he is excited to be researching quantum computer science at this pivotal point, when quantum computing is becoming a practical reality.
Apr 05, 2021 - Uttaran Bhattacharya, a third-year doctoral student in computer science, was one of only 10 graduate students to receive an Adobe Research Fellowship this year.
Mar 30, 2021 - Colwell—still active in research, including multiple international efforts to stem the spread of cholera—talked candidly about the barriers she faced throughout her career as a woman scientist.
Mar 26, 2021 - In addition to processing the necessary paperwork for payroll and benefits, she says part of her job is to make incoming UMIACS faculty, students and staff feel more at ease.