Sridhar Hannenhalli named Interim Director of CBCB

Sun Jul 01, 2012

Sridhar Hannenhalli named Interim Director of CBCB: Sridhar Hannenhalli is named as the Interim Director of Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology for the coming year. Sridhar is a prominent computational biologist with extensive experience in the computational biology industry (Glaxo Smith-Kline and Celera Genomics) and academia (University of Southern California, Penn State, and U Penn) before coming to Maryland in 2010. Sridhar has been making important and creative contributions from the very beginning of his scientific career, including the development of what is now widely known as the Hannenhalli-Pevzner theory in the study of genomic rearrangements. In the last few years Sridhar has chosen to move even deeper into biological questions, becoming a leader in the important field of transcriptional regulation by using computational modeling and comparative genomics to characterize regulatory sites and regulatory networks.