MC2 Doctoral Student Working with Tudor Dumitras Featured in RAID Symposium Video

Fri Oct 17, 2014

Kartik Nayak, a second-year doctoral student in computer science working with Tudor Dumitras, an assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering with joint appointments in UMIACS and the Maryland Cybersecurity Center, recently gave a presentation on analyzing system security at the the 17th International Symposium on Research in Attacks, Intrusions and Defenses (RAID) in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Nayak's presentation focused on how several system-security technologies have been introduced in recent years, and that rather than seeking to eliminate security vulnerabilities, these technologies generally aim to make them harder to exploit. Currently, it has been difficult to measure the effectiveness of these techniques in reducing attacks and improving security. Dumitras and Nayak, in collaboration with researchers at Symantec Research Labs, are gathering data on how software systems are impacted by the various defensive techniques we introduce to protect them.

Go here to watch the presentation.