Ashok Agrawala released the M-Urgency App

Thu Jan 26, 2012

The M-Urgency App, a first-of-its-kind emergency assistance app that sends live video, audio, and location information about emergencies with university police dispatchers, has been released to the UMd. community today.

The M-Urgency app has been developed by Ashok Agrawala and his team in collaboration with the university's Department of Public Safety. M-Urgency is the first system of its kind to be deployed anywhere and is a joint project between the University of Maryland Department of Computer Science, Institute for Advanced Computer Studies, Police Department, and Office of Information Technology.

The M-Urgency technology is based on Adobe software infrastructure, and the commercial applications are being developed by AlphaTrek, a Maryland company started by Ashok. An official University of Maryland press release is here.