CHIB Distinguished Speaker Series: "Feature and Topology Based Visualization"

Mon Sep 22, 2014 11:00 AM

Location: A.V. Williams Building, Room 2120

Gerik Scheuermann
Professor, University of Leipzig, Germany

This talk presents recent work on the use of feature-based and topological methods in visualization.

Starting from studying energy landscapes describing the folding of RNA molecules, we turn toward topological analysis and visualization of high dimensional point clouds. Topology allows finding clusters in high dimensions based on point density. The clusters are visualized based on the topology of the point cloud density. As an example, we will present the study of swarm-based combinatorial optimization algorithms using topological visualization.

We will demonstrate the use of feature-based flow visualization methods for blood flow analysis. Phase contrast magnetic resonance imaging (PC-MRI) allows in-vivo measurement of unsteady blood flow in larger vessels like the aorta or the heart. While this is important for the diagnosis of cardio-vascular diseases, the analysis of these measurements is still in the early phase. We show how feature-based visualization techniques allow to derive qualitative flow patterns.

Gerik Scheuermann is a professor of image and signal processing at the University of Leipzig, Germany.

He has published more than 170 articles on visualization, topology, and Clifford algebra. Scheuermann has served as paper co­-chair for Eurovis 2007, IEEE SciVis 2011 and 2012, and is paper co-­chair for IEEE PacificVis 2015. He was general chair of EuroVis 2015, co­-organizer of TopoInVis 2007, AGACSE 2008, and the Dagstuhl semniar on Scientific Visualization 2014. Scheuermann has served as associate editor of IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics and is associate editor of The Visual Computer and IEEE CG&A.

His research interests are visualization, visual analytics, topology, and Clifford algebras.

He received a doctorate in computer science from the TU Kaiserslautern, Germany.