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Conference Papers
Asgari S, Hochstein L, Basili VR, Zelkowitz MV, Hollingsworth J, Carver J, Shull F.  2005.  Generating testable hypotheses from tacit knowledge for high productivity computing. Proceedings of the second international workshop on Software engineering for high performance computing system applications. :17-21.
Le Moigne J, Netanyahu NS, Masek JG, Mount D, Goward S, Honzak M.  2000.  Geo-registration of Landsat data by robust matching of wavelet features. Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, 2000. Proceedings. IGARSS 2000. IEEE 2000 International. 4:1610-1612vol.4-1610-1612vol.4.
Rodrigues EM, Milic-Frayling N, Smith M, Shneiderman B, Hansen D.  2011.  Group-in-a-Box Layout for Multi-faceted Analysis of Communities. Privacy, Security, Risk and Trust (PASSAT), 2011 IEEE Third International Conference on and 2011 IEEE Third International Confernece on Social Computing (SocialCom). :354-361.
Kientz JA, Arriaga RI, Chetty M, Hayes GR, Richardson J, Patel SN, Abowd GD.  2007.  Grow and Know: Understanding Record-keeping Needs for Tracking the Development of Young Children. SIGCHI '07. :1351-1360.
Dancik V, Hannenhalli S, Muthukrishnan S.  1997.  Hardness of flip-cut problems from optical mapping [DNA molecules application]. Compression and Complexity of Sequences 1997. Proceedings. :275-284.
Hourcade J P, Bullock-Rest NE, Friedman B, Nelson M, Shneiderman B, Zaphiris P.  2011.  HCI for peace: from idealism to concrete steps. PART 2 ———– Proceedings of the 2011 annual conference extended abstracts on Human factors in computing systems. :613-616.
desJardins M, Bulka B, Carr R, Hunt A, Rathod P, Rheingans P.  2006.  Heuristic search and information visualization methods for school redistricting. Proceedings of the 18th conference on Innovative applications of artificial intelligence - Volume 2. :1774-1781.
Anderson ML, Schmill M, Oates T, Perlis D, Josyula D, Wright D, Human SWTDN, Metacognition L, Fults S, Josyula DP.  2007.  Hood College, Master of Business Administration, 2005 Hood College, Master of Science (Computer Science), 2001 Hood College, Bachelor of Science (Computer Science), 1998 Frederick Community College, Associate in Arts (Business Administration), 1993. Proceedings of the Workshop on Metareasoning in Agent-Based Systems.
Druin A, Foss E, Hatley L, Golub E, Guha ML, Fails J, Hutchinson H.  2009.  How children search the internet with keyword interfaces. Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Interaction Design and Children. :89-96.
Druin A, Foss E, Hatley L, Golub E, Guha ML, Fails J, Hutchinson H.  2009.  How children search the internet with keyword interfaces. Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Interaction Design and Children. :89-96.
Zotkin DN, Hwang J, Duraiswami R, Davis LS.  2003.  HRTF personalization using anthropometric measurements. Applications of Signal Processing to Audio and Acoustics, 2003 IEEE Workshop on.. :157-160.
Schwartz W R, Kembhavi A, Harwood D, Davis LS.  2009.  Human detection using partial least squares analysis. Computer Vision, 2009 IEEE 12th International Conference on. :24-31.
Froehlich J, Larson E, Campbell T, Haggerty C, Fogarty J, Patel SN.  2009.  HydroSense: infrastructure-mediated single-point sensing of whole-home water activity. Proceedings of the 11th international conference on Ubiquitous computing, September.
He D, Wang J, Luo J, Oard D.  2004.  iCLEF 2004 at Maryland: Summarization design for interactive cross-language question answering. Proceeding of Cross Language Evaluation Forum (CLEF2004).
Nakamura T, Hochstein L, Basili VR.  2006.  Identifying domain-specific defect classes using inspections and change history. Proceedings of the 2006 ACM/IEEE international symposium on Empirical software engineering. :346-355.
Hollingsworth J, Maneewongvatana S.  1999.  Imprecise Calendars: an Approach to Scheduling Computational Grids. Distributed Computing Systems, International Conference on. :0352-0352.
Archer A, Bateni MH, Hajiaghayi MT, Karloff H.  2009.  Improved approximation algorithms for prize-collecting Steiner tree and TSP. 2009 50th Annual IEEE Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science. :427-436.
Hajiaghayi MT, Kleinberg R, Leighton T.  2006.  Improved lower and upper bounds for universal TSP in planar metrics. Proceedings of the seventeenth annual ACM-SIAM symposium on Discrete algorithm. :649-658.
He S, M. Wu.  2005.  Improving collusion resistance of error correcting code based multimedia fingerprinting. Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, 2005. Proceedings. (ICASSP '05). IEEE International Conference on. 2:ii/1029-ii/1032Vol.2-ii/1029-ii/1032Vol.2.
Huynh TQ, Reggia JA.  2009.  Improving rule extraction from neural networks by modifying hidden layer representations. Neural Networks, 2009. IJCNN 2009. International Joint Conference on. :1316-1321.
Foster JS, Hicks MW, Pugh W.  2007.  Improving software quality with static analysis. Proceedings of the 7th ACM SIGPLAN-SIGSOFT workshop on Program analysis for software tools and engineering. :83-84.
Resnik P, Buzek O, Hu C, Kronrod Y, Quinn A, Bederson BB.  2010.  Improving translation via targeted paraphrasing. Proceedings of the 2010 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing. :127-137.
Froehlich J, Chen MY, Consolvo S, Harrison B, Landay JA.  2007.  Increasing the breadth: applying sensors, inference and self-report in field studies with the MyExperience tool. Proceedings of the 1st international workshop on System evaluation for mobile platforms. :27-27.
Tanin E, Harwood A, Samet H.  2004.  Indexing distributed complex data for complex queries. Proceedings of the 2004 annual national conference on Digital government research. :63:1–63:10-63:1–63:10.
Hollingsworth J, Miller B.  1998.  Instrumentation and measurement. The grid. :339-365.