Student Best Paper Award

  1. Students must have full-time undergraduate or graduate status when the abstract is submitted, and the work described within the paper must have been conducted by the student as part of their course of study and/or thesis research while on full-time student status. For example, a student graduating in Spring 2011 is eligible to submit a paper on work performed as a student, although, at the time of the submission of the abstract the person may no longer be a student. Post-doctoral researchers are not eligible. Submission of the abstracts and papers is to be performed using the online system, the same way as for regular papers.
  2. Multiple authors are allowed. The monetary award will be shared among student authors. Professional co-authors (such as faculty) involved in the research are acceptable provided that they are the last authors, and as long as the paper is written primarily by the student(s) on work conducted by the student(s). Faculty, please remember that this is a student paper contest. All student authors must indicate (during paper submission) whether the work was conducted as an undergraduate or graduate student.