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Workshop on Personal and Institutional Security



As more and more mobile computing environments are deployed, as more of us carry with us evermore powerful digital devices capable of high speed communications, fast computations and huge storage, the landscape of physical as well as data vulnerability is changing rapidly, having far reaching implications to personal as well as institutional security. The goal of this workshop is to explore the new challenges to security posed by the environments of tomorrow.


In a mobile environment a person has the flexibility of working from any location and even conducting business while one is on the move. However, a loss of a device or other compromise to one's physical security may not only cause physical harm but may also permit ready access to the digital devices threatening the security of personal or financial data as well as possible access to the institutional systems. By recognizing these security needs, we may design systems which support secure operations while improving personal and institutional security. For example, by incorporating localization technologies in digital devices we may track the location of the device/person carrying it, thereby improving the physical security. Of course, the collection of the location information has to be done carefully so that the personal freedom and privacy concerns of the individual are not jeopardized. Location information can also be used to improve the institutional security by having location as another important factor to take into account as a part of the overall security architecture and policies.


In this workshop several experts will present their points of view on the subject. The goal will be to identify the areas requiring further attention in support of personal and institutional security.


Participant will be given the opportunity to present a short position statement followed by discussion and the production of a white paper covering the applications and needs for personal and institutional security.  You may prepare up to 5 slides and expect up to 10 minutes for your position statement, to be presented after the main presenters and before discussion.


Ashok Agrawala University of Maryland

Why Conventional Security Techniques Are Not Sufficient for MUM Environments?

Jon Agre Fujitsu Laboratories of America

Kirstie Bellman Aerospace Corporation

John Rodgers University of Maryland

Anne Tsao -   Algotek Inc.

Tony Fescenda Koolspan


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