Bahar Asgari

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Georgia Tech (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Bahar Asgari will start as an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science on July 1, 2022.

She will spend the next year working at Google on its System Infrastructure team. Asgari will contribute to improving the performance of systems developed in Google as well as setting roadmaps across various tradeoffs to shape the next generation of systems, with a focus on optimizing memory utilization, performance, and cost.

Within the field of computer architecture, Asgari’s research interests include but are not limited to domain-specific architecture design, near memory processing, and reconfigurable computing.

More specifically, her research has revolved around efficiently accelerating sparse problems. Her proposed hardware accelerators and hardware/software co-optimization solutions that deal with essential challenges of sparse problems contribute to widespread application domains from neural networks and recommendation systems to scientific computing. Asgari is also interested in developing intelligent dynamically reconfigurable computation platforms with the aid of machine learning to envision the requirements of data and algorithms in the future.

Asgari received her doctoral degree in electrical and computer engineering from Georgia Tech in 2021.

While at Georgia Tech, she was a member of the Computer Architecture and System Lab and the High Performance Computer Architecture Lab.

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