Fermüller Receives Provost’s Excellence Award for Professional Track Faculty

Thu May 23, 2019

Cornelia Fermüller, an associate research scientist in the University of Maryland Institute for Advanced Computer Studies, has received a Provost’s Excellence Award for Professional Track Faculty for her outstanding accomplishments in computer vision, robotics, and human vision research.

The awards were established in Fall 2015 to recognize the contributions of professional track faculty on campus. Winners receive a letter of recognition from the university Provost and a $1,000 award in recognition of consistently excellent contributions in one of the three core areas of academic activity: research, teaching or service. Three faculty members were selected to receive the research award this year.

Fermüller’s recent work has focused on the integration of vision with action in robots. She and Yiannis Aloimonos, a professor of computer science with an appointment in UMIACS, along with two computer science doctoral students, just published a groundbreaking paper in the journal Science Robotics that introduces a new way of combining perception and motor commands in robots.