Generating A Parsing Lexicon from an LCS-Based Lexicon

TitleGenerating A Parsing Lexicon from an LCS-Based Lexicon
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsAyan NF, Dorr BJ
JournalLREC 2002 Workshop Proceedings: Linguistic Knowledge Acquisition and Representation: Bootstrapping Annotated Language Data
Date Published2002///

This paper describes a technique for generating parsing lexicons for a principle-based parser (Minipar). Our approach mapslexical entries in a large LCS-based repository of semantically classified verbs to their corresponding syntactic patterns.
A by-product of this mapping is a lexicon that is directly usable in the Minipar system. We evaluate the accuracy and
coverage of this lexicon using LDOCE syntactic codes as a gold standard. We show that this lexicon is comparable to the
hand-generated Minipar lexicon (i.e., similar recall and precision values). In a later experiment, we automate the process
of mapping between the LCS-based repository and syntactic patterns. The advantage of automating the process is that the
same technique can be applied directly to lexicons we have for other languages, for example, Arabic, Chinese, and Spanish.