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Ye P, EDU UMD, Doermann D.  Submitted.  Combining preference and absolute judgements in a crowd-sourced setting.
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[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Testing Run-time Evolving Systems. DROPS-IDN/2106.
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Nguyen V-A, Boyd-Graber J, Altschul SF.  2013.  Dirichlet Mixtures, the Dirichlet Process, and the Structure of Protein Space. Journal of Computational Biology. 20PDF icon cmb%2E2012%2E0244.pdf (292.43 KB)
Wang Y-C, Khan Z, Wieschaus E F..  2013.  Distinct Rap1 Activity States Control the Extent of Epithelial Invagination via α-Catenin. Developmental Cell. 25(3):299-309.
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