• Connecting to the Cluster

    The only direct access to the cluster is through the submit node, . The only means to access those nodes is through SSH. If you're accessing the cluster from a UMIACS or CS workstation, then you already have SSH installed.

    Indirectly, jobs might get run on the cluster if they are submitted through Condor. Our Condor pool includes the Vnode cluster as well as our other computational clusters, and many workstations as well. If you do not have a need to run visualization jobs on the vnode cluster, then the preferred means for accessing the computing resources is through Condor. You do not need an account on the vnode cluster, in this case -- just an account on a host where you can submit Condor jobs (such as the red/blue cluster).

  • Getting an Account

    If you need to run visualization jobs on the vnode cluster, you need an account there. To get one, go to our account request form. In the "PI's email:" field you should put down the Primary Investigator that you are associated with, or your advisor. In the "Comment:" field you should indicate that you need a vnode cluster account. This will get you an account in our OpenLab, which includes generic UMIACS resources, as well as the vnode cluster.



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